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Real Estate Balance is an association run by a group of female and male leaders from different organisations and disciplines engaged in real estate who are focussed on addressing the gender imbalance in our sector.

What are we trying to do

We want to see a better gender balance at senior levels in the property industry and we believe the best way of achieving this is to work from the top down with corporate leaders and from the bottom up with individuals at more junior levels to develop a pipeline of women that will fill those senior executive and board positions.

How are we going to do it?

We want companies and senior individuals, both men and women, to join Real Estate Balance and to commit to working to change their corporate culture to ensure that women are supported and encouraged to aim for the top. We also want young professionals to join us to benefit from the development, mentoring and learning opportunities that we can offer.

OUR Approach

How we change corporate culture

  • We are bringing together groups of CEOs and senior leaders in roundtables to explore ideas for improving the gender balance of their organisations
  • We are encouraging middle and senior managers to share their experience and insights through events and workshops
  • We will be providing a good practice toolkit that will set out a blueprint for how to make organisations more gender friendly
  • We will continue our annual survey in order to ensure we have robust data that shows what women want, what is working in organisations and what the continuing barriers to progress are
  •  We will work with other diversity initiatives to avoid confusion and duplication and enhance the relevance and reach of our ideas

How we support and empower young talent

  • We will provide exceptional networking opportunities so that young women can learn from other middle and senior manager, both male and female
  • We will provide access to practical mentoring schemes and training courses
  • We will provide forums and roundtables in which young women can make their voices heard
  • We will use our best endeavours to ensure the views that emerge from these events are promoted to senior managers in the industry and acted upon
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Why does the industry need diversity?

Research shows that companies with a good gender balance in their senior leadership teams pereform better. And in a crowded and competitive market place those companies that promote diversity and have an inclusive culture are able to attract and retain the most talented people.

We are nevertheless working with the many other diversity and inclusion organisations and networks that already exist and in order to learn from their experience and where relevant harness their good ideas as they apply to gender diversity in order to avoid duplication and wasted effort.

Why is this initiative different?

Most other diversity initiatives focus on encouraging individuals to face up to the challenges of the workplace. We are also tackling it from the top down and harnessing the support of CEOs and other senior leaders – who are more often than not men - to make change happen in their corporate organisations.

Why focus on women and not wider diversity?

Of course wider diversity and inclusion is important but gender is an area where we feel we can make an immediate and visible difference - and if we can create the right conditions for junior and middle management women to succeed then that will also help other minority groups.

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WHO WE are

  • Suzanne Avery

    Senior Advisor
    Centrus Advisors

  • Sue Clayton

    Executive Director
    Capital Markets

  • Karen Friebe

    Bird & Bird LLP

  • Vivienne King

    Soho Housing

  • Claire Milton

    Real Estate
    Berwin Leighton Paisner

  • Liz Peace


  • Justin Read

    Non-Executive Director

  • Elisabeth Teo-Pennell

    Managing Director
    Business Development, Europe
    PGIM Real Estate

  • Sanjeev Sharma

    Chief Operating Officer
    M&G Real Estate

  • Andy Pyle

    UK Head of Real Estate